All Node.js frameworks in one page

Do you wanna use Node.js but don’t know which framework that suits your needs ?

well, this page has all available frameworks known today categorized by:

So, this is all you need to start choosing the framework that suits your needs, good luck.

Tip: look for how many github stars the framework has got, it shows you how much it is trusted by people like you 😉 , which brings us to the incredible record by Meteor which is 22,337 stars till now!!

Solved: Restarting node server may stop recurring Agenda jobs

Node is the future, it is that simple. With that being said, one of the important things one will look for is how to start cron-jobs, is it by just using cron-tab to start a stand-alone script, or could it be a plugin inside the code base itself, like what is available in Node with its great npm set of packages that you can choose from,
one of the very good packages for managing the cron-jobs is Agenda which comes with a great feature for visualizing your jobs by using Agenda-UI which looks like this:
enter image description here

After starting using Agenda (0.6.27), I faced a serious issue when restarting my node server, because the recurring jobs (i.e agenda.every '30 minutes') may stop working for no reason, my code was like this:

agenda.define 'my job', my_job_function
agenda.every '30 minutes', 'my job'

for a while, I thought in leaving Agenda for good, & using the widely known Cron instead, which is a really great alternative by the way, it is almost an imitation of the linux’s cron-tab interface, with an incredible number of downloads (95,483 downloads in the last month),
The only thing kept me trying to find a solution is Agenda’s superior advantage by monitoring the jobs easily using its Agenda-UI interface, so I opened an issue on Agenda’s github page & digged in a little more until I found the solution.

Solution 1
Since redefining our jobs on server start didn’t solve it, so I managed to remove the old broken recurring jobs when shutting down the server like this (you can add the following to your startup scripts like putting it in app.js):

graceful = ()->
    agenda.cancel repeatInterval: { $exists: true, $ne: null }, (err, numRemoved)->
        agenda.stop ()->
            process.exit 0

and with server start, the jobs will be redefined again & voila,
I’m using this workaround now, & it is working like a charm.

Solution 2
While observing the broken jobs & what causes them to stop working, I found that they are locked, because restarting the server while they are still running prevented them from releasing the lock, so droppedoncaprica has proposed the following solution to release all locks when starting the server:

agenda._db.update {lockedAt: {$exists: true } }, { $set : { lockedAt : null } }, (e, numUnlocked)->
    if e
        console.log e
    console.log "Unlocked #{numUnlocked} jobs."
    # redefine your jobs here

Once Agenda solves this issue, I’ll update the post with the version containing the fix isA.


Making the Action-bar Up-button behave smoothly like the Back-button

When hitting Android’s Back-button, current activity will be closed with bringing the previous one back to the top of the stack, but the keyword here is that happens without calling the previous one’s onCreate method.

Unlike when hitting the Up-button, current one will be closed, but the previous one’s onCreate will be called again causing a little delay (depends on what you do in your onCreate of course 🙂 )

So, here is the solution from this brilliant stackOverflow answer:

Intent intent = NavUtils.getParentActivityIntent(this); 
NavUtils.navigateUpTo(this, intent);

& for a full solution you can put the previous code in onOptionsItemSelected like this:

public boolean onOptionsItemSelected(MenuItem item) {
    switch (item.getItemId()) {
        // Respond to the action bar's Up/Home button
            Intent intent = NavUtils.getParentActivityIntent(this);
            NavUtils.navigateUpTo(this, intent);
            return true;
    return super.onOptionsItemSelected(item);

Hiding content while scrolling up the page

Sometimes you will need a div to be visible only at the bottom of the view port like a link saying More about us which if the user clicks on it, the page will be scrolled up to let him read more details about the site,
but if the user is already scrolling down to the detailed content, then we need to smoothly hide the More about us link, like what we did in Jidari’s landing page (this scenario is only for resolutions lower than 1024px) like this:
enter image description here

So we made our simple jquery plugin:

jQuery.fn.hideWhileScrollingUp = function (options) {
    var element = this;
    var defaults = {
        speed: 3, // 1 is the slowest
        allowedHeightFromBottom: 200 // after these pixels, it will start to disappear gradually based on the speed
    options = $.extend({}, defaults, options);
    $(window).scroll(function () {
        var elementHeightFromBottom = $(window).scrollTop() + $(window).height() - element.offset().top;
        var delta = elementHeightFromBottom - options.allowedHeightFromBottom;
        var opacity = 1 - (delta / $(window).height() * options.speed);
        element.css("opacity", opacity);

and used it like this:


& it is easy to override its defaults also:

    speed: 2

if you wanna try it online, here is the jsfiddle demo for it.